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Atisudi, by Avyar (aka Ayvar)

Translation of the Atisudi, by Avyar as appeared in the seventh volume of the “Asiatic Researches” (1808).


Glory and Honour be to the divine son of him, who is crowned with the flowers of the Ati (Bauhinia tomentosa.) Clarification: Shiven is represented with this flower round his head, and Pulleyar or Vickinesuren is his first Son who is here implored.

Charity be thy pleasure.

Be not passionate.

Be not a miser in giving.

Hinder none in charity.

Do not manifest thy secrets.

Lose not thy courage.

Exercise thyself in cyphering and writing.

To live on alms is shameful.

Give, and then eat.

Converse only with the peaceful.

Never cease to improve in learning.

Do not speak what is dishonest.

Do not raise the price of victuals.

Do not say more than thou hast seen..

Take care of what is most dear.

Bathe on each Saturday.

Speak what is agreeable.

Build not too large a house.

Know first one’s character before thou art confident.

Honour thy father and mother.

Do not forget benefits received.

Sow in due time.

Tillage gives the best livelihood.

Do not walk about melancholy.

Do not play with snakes.

Bed thyself on cotton, (soft.)

Do not speak craftily.

Do not flatter.

Learn whilst thou art young.

Do not forget what is best for thy body.

Avoid affectation.

Forget offence.

To protect is noble.

Seek a constant happiness.

Avoid what is low.

Keep strongly what is good.

Do not part with thy friend.

Do not hurt any body.

Hear and improve.

Do not use thy hands to do mischief.

Do not desire stolen goods.

Be not slothful in thy actions.

Keep strictly to the laws of the country.

Keep company with the virtuous.

Be not a scoffer.

Do not act against the custom of the country.

Make not others blush by thy speaking.

Do not love gaming.

What thou dost, do with propriety.

Consider the place where thou goest.

Do not walk about as a spy.

Do not speak too much.

Do not walk about like a dreamer.

Converse with those who are polite.

Endeavour to be settled at a fixed place.

Dedicate thyself to Tirumal, Vishtnoo.

Abhor what is bad.

Indulge not thy distress.

Save rather than destroy.

Speak not disrespectfully of the Deity.

Be on good terms with thy fellow citizens.

Do not mind what women say.

Do not despise thy ancestors.

Do not pursue a conquered enemy.

Be constant in virtue.

Have a regard for country people.

Remain in thy station.

Do not play in water.

Do not occupy thyself with trifles.

Keep the divine laws.

Cultivate what gives the best fruit.

Remain constantly in what is just.

Do thy business without murmur.

Do not speak ill of any body.

Do not make thyself sick.

Mock not those who have any bodily defect.

Go not where a snake may lie.

Do not speak of others faults.

Keep far from infection.

Endeavour to get a good name.

Seek thy livelihood by tilling the ground.

Endeavour to get the protection of the great.

Avoid being simple.

Converse not with the wicked.

Be prudent in applying thy money.

Come not near to thine adversary.

Choose what is the best.

Do not come near one who is in a passion.

Avoid the company of cholerick men.

Converse with those who are meek.

Follow the advices of wise men.

Go not into the house of the dancing girls.

Speak distinctly to be well understood.

Abhor bad lusts.

Do not speak falsely.

Do not like dispute.

Love Learning.

Endeavour to get a house of your own.

Be an honest man.

Live peaceful with thy fellow citizen.

Do not speak frightfully.

Do not evil purposely.

Be clean in thy clothes.

Go only where there is peace.

Love religious meditation.


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